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The day started normally, but I was out the door at 0800 to a chiropractic appointment. Back home a couple of hours later. Dealt with a few late-arriving emails and attended to some diocesan communication matters. Lunched, a but on the early side, on leftovers. Spent the afternoon developing and drafting the final piece of my pastoral teaching on sexuality and marriage. I'm going to let it marinate during my vacation, then vet it with group of trusted critics. Evening Prayer with Brenda.    I have one or two small ministry-related chores to take care of tomorrow, but my vacation officially starts on Sunday, so I'm going to sign off in this part of cyberspace for the duration. You can look forward to seeing me reappear on August 6.


An eleven-hour day to, at, and from the Episcopal Camp of Illinois, our diocesan summer camp program for children and youth, with uses East Bay Camp, a United Methodist facility on the shorts of Lake Bloomington. Brenda and I visited with the campers during their afternoon swim time, shared a meal (trucked in KFC boxes, still styled the "Bishop's BBQ"), and it was my joyful privilege to preside and preach at a celebration of the Eucharist. It was really fun to spend time around these energetic young people.


Usual weekday AM routine. Out the door at 9:05 for an initial consultation with a chiropractor about lingering pain from a decades-old injury that I have "aged into." First appointment for treatment on the books. Spoke by phone substantively with the senior warden of our Eucharistic Communities that is in transition,. Substantive email correspondence with the Archdeacon (as he returns from his time in Sicily, and I wind down toward my vacation). Spoke by phone with a colleague bishop over a matter of mutual pastoral concern. Lunched on leftovers. Indulged to urge to take a modest nap. Finished filling out the draft of one of the sections of my pastoral teaching document on marriage and sexuality (the Afterword). Now on to the Foreword. Then I'll be able to vet it with some friendly critics before I make it public. Finished drafting my next-due post for the Covenant blog and sent it off to the editor. Evening Prayer with Brenda. After dinner and a walk: Did some