Thursday (William Tyndale)

  • Dropped my car (the diocese's car, actually) off at the dealer for scheduled maintenance.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Debriefed with the Archdeacon and the Administrator over sundry developments since we were last in the office at the same time, which has been several days.
  • Took care of several small administrative chores.
  • Reviewed the Synod agenda with Sue--that is, the special binder she prepared for me as the chairman of the meeting.
  • Began processing a fairly large batch of emails. (This is what happens when I'm out of the office for a few days--they mount up.)
  • Got a ride back to the dealer to pick up my car. Then home for lunch.
  • Continued processing emails.
  • Finished and refined my sermon for this Sunday (Trinity, Lincoln).
  • Wrote a quick blot post on the recent newsworthy developments in the Diocese of South Carolina.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • This was one of those days that just seemed to "get away." I didn't make nearly a big enough dent in preparing for all the preaching and speaking engagements that loom in my relatively near-term future. Somehow grace will abound. It always does.


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