Wednesday (Alfred the Great)

  • Hit the road northbound at 7:45. Lunch in Beloit, WI. Had a couple of fruitful phone conversations along the way. Arrived at Nashotah House with about fifteen minutes to spare before a 1:30 committee meeting ....
  • ... said committee being External Affairs. Heard an upbeat (all things considered) report on enrollment. Some particularly creative work is being done in student recruitment. I am particularly impressed with the work done by a couple of young staff members on the website. Do check it out.
  • Back to Delafield to check in to my hotel, make a pastoral call by phone, and process some email.
  • Solemn Evensong in St Mary's Chapel, followed by the dedication of the new wing of the refectory, which includes lots of additional classroom and meeting space.
  • Hung out for a bit at the reception/happy hour. Chatted some with Fr Mark Evans, rector-elect of Trinity, Lincoln. Excited about his coming to the diocese. Also got to meet George Carey, the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury, who is here for Friday's academic convocation, at which he will receive an honorary doctorate.
  • Delightful dinner with the Bishop of Fond du Lac at a nearby German restaurant. We solved all the problems of the church. Unfortunately, we will have forgotten all our solutions by tomorrow and nobody will ever hear about them.


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