XVI Pentecost

What a day. Rose at 5am in order to leave at 6am in order to be in Chesterfield in time for a 7:30 liturgy. (How many towns of 250 have an Episcopal church?--one of only two churches in town, no less! It was spectacular watching the day dawn over central Illinois farm country. Then off the brunch at the home of a parishioner, which had to be cut short in order to be at St Paul's, Carlinville in time for a 9:45 service. Wonderful post-liturgical repast in the parish hall (pulled pork). Home around 1:15--just in time to grab a 45 minute nap in my recliner before throwing some clothes in a suitcase and hitting the road again. Slightly late for a 4pm organ recital at St John's Chapel in Champaign, followed by a leisurely dinner at a downtown Champaign eatery with Fr Scanlon. I write now from a hotel room in Indianapolis, as I am en route to Cincinnati for a Forward Movement board meeting that begins at noon tomorrow. Time now to catch a few winks.


  1. Spending your day off at a meeting in Cincinnati? If you like seafood try Mitchell's on the levee. Or if you want some hole in the wall places send me an e-mail.

    Enjoy your stay in my former hometown.

  2. Alas, I'm tied up in suburban Glendale (or thereabouts) eating convent food. Did break away tonight for some Skyline Chili, though. Yum! BTW, Richelle (Thompson?) is on this board--says her husband is a buddy of yours.


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